Shocking image shows how driver was inches from death after metal poles smashed through his Land Rover

This shocking photograph show how a motorist avoided death by mere inches after a motorway smash.

The metal poles were sent flying through the Land Rover's rear window and penetrated the dashboard – narrowly missing the driver after the M56 collision.

The motorist's wife, Ceri Holmes, said he was left completely shaken up after the incident.

She described how he was forced to brake by traffic ahead of him and was then hit by a van from behind.

She said on Twitter: "My husband is completely shook up. He has just scraped death."

The metal poles being transported in the van were hurled through his vehicle by the force of the impact.

Incredibly, nobody was injured in the road traffic accident, which Mrs Holmes described as 'carnage'.

Police, firefighters and paramedics attended the scene at around 5.30pm.

Highways England confirmed that a 'multi-vehicle' collision led to a diesel spillage on the M56.

This resulted in the closure of the westbound carriageway and serious tailbacks.

Queues were reported as far back as the M60 motorway.

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