Shocking squalid conditions at Didcot animal sanctuary


Shocking pictures reveal the squalid conditions left behind at an animal sanctuary after it moved to a new premises.

Residents described seeing a dead cat, dog bowls full of black stagnant water, flea-infested caravans and abandoned fish tanks at the rubbish-strewn site.

A petition calling for Didcot Animal Sanctuary's closure has received more than 400 signatures amid claims a "deceased cat was found on the premises with no water or food left for it".


Didcot resident Whitney Dawson, was one of the first people to visit the freshly abandoned site last week, and told the Oxford Mail: "It was horrendous. There was rubbish everywhere including broken bricks and mouldy food.

"The whole place stunk and I had to dump my clothes after leaving one of the caravans because I was covered in fleas.

"Some of the dog bowls were full of black stagnant water and there were a lot of abandoned cages and fish tanks.

"I have heard a lot about the place but to see it for yourself was just awful."

The charity is now relocating to the town of Wallingford six miles away despite the outrage.

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