Secret Cold War nuclear bunker to open to the public

A secret Cold War nuclear bunker, big enough to accommodate 400 politicians underground, is set to open to the public.

The historic bunker in Barnton Quarry, near Edinburgh, was built in the 1950s amid fears that the Soviet Union posed a threat to the UK - and remained a secret until the 1980s.

Deep underground in Corstorphine Hill, four miles from the capital, it served as Sector Operations Centre for co-coordinating RAF fighter jets and protected Scotland from attack by Russian long-range nuclear bombers until around 1960.

Grant More volunteered his time to help open the bunker to the public says it is "one of the largest nuclear bunkers in the UK".

The restoration project began in 2011 and is hoped to be finished by 2021, with a huge telecommunications exchange which could be restored as it once was.

The bunker will be open to the public during the weekend of September 29 and 30 as part of Doors Open Day 2018.

More information on the project from Forces Network.

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