'Neighbour from hell' pours tea on grandmother


A family from Leeds has suffered two years of abuse at the hands of a "neighbour from hell" who filmed their kids, spat at them, hurled abuse and even threw hot tea over their grandmother.

Mark Duckworth, 42, said Loretta Diplacido, 54, turned on his family after they politely refused to let her grandson use the trampoline in their garden in June 2016.

The teacher and his wife Sarah, 39, claimed Diplacido blocked their car in with hers, swore at them, threatened to attack them and spat at them in their own driveway.


'We dreaded walking out of the front door'

Mr Duckworth said his daughter Evelyn, seven, son Rupert, five, and his mother-in-law Azadeh Kent, 63, were terrified to leave their home, according to the MailOnline.

'She made our life hell. We dreaded walking out of the front door," Mr Duckworth told the paper.

'She even drove my wife to the point that she wanted to move. Every time we went out the house or were returning - every single time - we felt anxiety. It really played on our mind all the time."

The family reported her to the police 70 times and later installed CCTV which captured her grabbing Mrs Kent in the street.

Diplacido was given a 12-month community order for assault at court last month but is now back living next door to the family , who want her evicted from the council house.

A Leeds City Council spokesperson is quoted as saying: "It wouldn't be appropriate for us to comment on an ongoing issue."

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