Cycling ban proposal axed after thousands of objections

Controversial proposals to ban cycling along a popular route once used by Sir Bradley Wiggins have been scrapped.

Highways England had initially put forward plans to prohibit bike users from travelling along the A63 between North Cave and the Daltry Street interchange in Hull, a 15-mile route which forms part of a time trial course.

It cited concerns for cyclists travelling among fast-moving traffic as a central reason for the ban, saying six accidents had occurred involving cyclists in the last five years, including one fatality in 2013.

The plans were met with fierce criticism, with Cycling UK delivering nearly 10,000 letters of objection and describing the move as “a nonsensical piece of logic”.

British Cycling and Welcome to Yorkshire also made an official objection, arguing implementation of the restriction could “set an extremely dangerous precedent”.

But it was announced on Thursday that plans for the ban had been withdrawn following the negative response.

Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK’s head of campaigns, praised the decision as a “victory for common sense”, and added: “We have been fighting for 140 years for the rights of cyclists, and we couldn’t let Highways England impose a ban when there was no real basis or justification.

“One of the arguments put forward was that cyclists couldn’t keep up with traffic, but on that basis they would have been banning cyclists on every A-road and many sections of B-road across the country.

“I’m delighted that common sense has prevailed and pleased that Highways England listened to our arguments.”

A spokeswoman for Highways England said: “We’re really grateful to everyone who commented on our proposed ban, especially from cyclists themselves, and we have also been pleased to learn that recent applications for cycling time trials along the route have been withdrawn.

“In light of all this, we have decided not to introduce the ban and we would like to thank our partners including Cycling UK and Cycling Time Trial for working with us on this issue.”

Highways England added that it is developing more cycling and safety improvements for the road, such as alterations to the facilities on the Trans Pennine Trail to Humber Bridge.

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