Lion breaks into tourist vehicle on Crimea safari park tour

Remarkable footage has emerged from Safari Park Taigan in Crimea's Belogorsk region.

It shows a lion jumping into an open vehicle full of tourists in an apparent attempt to get better acquainted with the guests.

The two-year-old lion, Filya, was in a inquisitive mood and deicide to mark the tourists with its scent via head rubs, even giving one woman a lick on the face.

However, this incident came just weeks after a tourist was attacked by another lion, called Vitya, at the same safari park.

As reported by The Sun, Olga Solomina, 46, said the lion "bit through my right arm and used it to drag me like a puppet... When I got back to my senses, I was already in the hands of the park's staff who were helping me. When it happened, right at the moment of the incident, I actually said goodbye to my life. I thought I was to be torn apart."

She said Mr Zubkov, the park's owner, helped to bandage her bleeding wound. "Then he rushed me to the park's medical point," she said.

Mr Zubkov said he didn't realise Ms Solomina has been drinking alcohol before coming into the big cat enclosure.

"She came inside and started ruffling the lions's mane," he said. "Vitya the lion came close to her and pulled her away by her arm. She wasn't pulled forcefully into the park. She knew this was a dangerous site."

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