More operations cancelled due to lack of beds or staff

The number of operations cancelled due to a lack of beds or staff rose in July.

Official figures show 540 operations were cancelled by hospitals due to capacity or non-clinical reasons during the month.

The number represents 2.1% of the total 26,165 planned operations across NHS Scotland over the period.

The number and proportion are higher than in the previous month (403 or 1.4%) and in the same month last year (404 or 1.6%).

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “In July an average of 766 operations were carried out across the health service each day.

“A decision to postpone an elective procedure is never taken lightly and any postponed procedures will be rescheduled at the earliest opportunity.

“We have made clear to boards we do not expect urgent operations, such as cancer procedures, to be cancelled.

“The Scottish Government will continue to support NHS boards to reduce the number of cancellations and we expect them to communicate with patients and reschedule appointments as soon as possible.”