Dog found wandering around with multiple pellet wounds gets much-needed veterinary attention

An abused dog has been found, riddled with 25 bullet pellets and with a shoe lace deeply embedded in the flesh of his neck.

The dog was found by an animal rescue organisation in the city of Houston, USA, after they smelled a foul odour near a deserted block of flats.

"We found him in this enclosed space in the back of the apartments where I lost him at this morning," Animal rescue organisation Houston K-911 Rescue posted on Facebook.

"We were about to walk right past it, then noticed the opening and looked inside with a flashlight. After a few seconds, we commented about how badly it reeked in there."

Gus had a shoe lace wrapped so tightly around his neck that it had sunk deeply into his felsh. It left raw, skin exposed through his coat. It also caused serious damage his throat, organs and skin.

X-rays later showed that Gus was riddled with wounds from at least 25 pellets, with some still lodged in his body, according to local outlet KHOU11. This indicated that someone had shot him repeatedly with a gun.

He underwent surgery and a blood transfusion, to remove scar tissue from the wound around his neck and is now recovering on heavy pain medication.

"The doctors are letting Gus take it easy this weekend. He has a little bit of an appetite and thankfully, he is stable," Houston K-911 posted.

"The plan is to let him rest and recover over the weekend and doctors will reconvene after the holiday to move forward with his next surgery."

To help pay for Gus's extensive medical bills, Houston K-911 Rescue is raising funds for his care and has already received over $10,000 in donations.

Here's the latest on Gus' condition from K-911's Facebook page:

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