Greenpeace blockades Volkswagen's UK headquarters

Greenpeace said it has blockaded Volkswagen's UK headquarters in protest against diesel emissions.

The environmental organisation launched the stunt at the car brand's office in Milton Keynes at around 7am on Monday.

A spokeswoman said activists have barricaded entrances to the building and set up a mock clinic offering health advice to staff and members of the public.

It claimed more than 800 Volkswagen staff employed at the site - in roles such as marketing and distribution - are being prevented from entering.

Concerns over emissions of nitrogen oxides have grown since Volkswagen was found in September 2015 to have cheated air pollution tests for 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide, including 1.2 million in the UK.

Greenpeace is demanding that the firm commits to stop producing diesel cars and switch to only producing electric models.

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