What the papers say - August 20

A crisis-hit jail taken back under emergency Government control and a British woman's miraculous rescue 10 hours after falling overboard from a cruise ship make headlines on Monday.

Many of the papers feature images of the lucky passenger on their fronts after the woman was pulled from the Adriatic Sea off Croatia.

Meanwhile, The Guardian, Daily Mail and The Times lead with the crisis at HMP Birmingham, one of Britain's biggest jails that was being run by security giant G4S.

Staff were found asleep or locked in offices during an inspection that uncovered squalor and violence at the category B facility.

The Chief Inspector of Prisons Peter Clarke warned there had been a "dramatic deterioration" in the last 18 months, while the Ministry of Justice has assumed control of the jail for at least six months.

The Sun and the Metro lead with Kay Longstaff, 46, who fell from the back of the Norwegian Star liner on Saturday.

Coastguards reportedly found her less than a mile from where she plunged into the water and took her to hospital, but she was later discharged.

In other news, figures show only one in 10 over-55s is saving for care they may need in later life, the Daily Express reports.

MPs are pushing for larger expenses allowances because Brexit has increased their workloads, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Chinese banks have been told to increase lending to exporters and infrastructure projects amid concerns over a trade war with the US, the Financial Times says.

The number of girls being forced into marriage in the run-up to the summer holidays has risen by a third, The Independent reports.

And the Daily Mirror reports that the Duchess of Sussex is to travel to the US to visit her mother.

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