Terminally-ill woman granted 'dying wish' to get married

Hospital staff have granted a terminally-ill woman her "dying wish" by helping her to get married.

Linda Carolan, who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer seven years ago, was admitted to the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Hampshire, last week suffering from pneumonia and sepsis.

Doctors were worried that the 50-year-old would not survive and, after she told staff her dying wish was to marry her partner of 25 years, Marcus Fellowes, they quickly made arrangements.

A hospital spokeswoman said: "The staff in the intensive care unit (ICU) arranged for that to happen.

"Critical care consultant David Slessor contacted the register office and the team even went so far as to buy Linda a dress at a local charity shop and to decorate the area around her bedside.

"Since getting married, Linda has improved enough to be moved to the respiratory care ward."

Mr Fellowes said: "It was incredible what they did for us. The doctor wrote a letter to the register office and they said they could be at the hospital within the hour.

"In the darkest moment of our lives, the hospital staff stepped in and helped in more ways than we could imagine."

Steve Mathieu, clinical director for critical care at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "I cannot begin to express how incredibly proud I am of our team.

"This is a wonderful example of the multi-professional approach to delivering the highest standard of care for our patients and their loved ones.

"We were delighted to help out and be part of this special day for Marcus and Linda."

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