Lotto jackpot swells to £10.8 million after no one wins Saturday's draw

Wednesday's Lotto estimated jackpot has reached £10.8 million after no one claimed Saturday's top prize.

The winning numbers were 05, 17, 23, 34, 51, 25 and a bonus number of 52.

One ticket holder matched five numbers plus the bonus to win £76,531.

Some 69 people matched five numbers, claiming £1,167, while 5,371 won £96 each after matching four numbers.

Some 130,092 players were awarded £25 after getting three out of six numbers right.

One ticketholder was made a millionaire after winning the guaranteed raffle with code PINK 7387 8518, while 20 people won £20,000 in the draw.

Set of balls seven and draw machine Arthur were used.

No one matched all five numbers on Lotto Hotpicks to win the £350,000, yet eight matched four numbers to win £13,000 each.

On the Thunderball, ticketholders missed out on the £500,000 prize after no one matched a draw of 06, 16, 29, 11, 33 and 02.

But five won £5,000 after matching five numbers.