'Hacker' turns traffic light into street disco

This is the bizarre moment workmen hacked into traffic lights and turned them into a street disco.

The maintenance men arrived at the crossroads junction in Bukidnon, the Philippines, on July 27, to install CCTV.

But when the music started blaring from a nearby truck, the men could not resist using the computer system to create a set of disco traffic lights.

Footage shows one of the groups controlling the lights on a laptop - syncing red, amber and green flashes in time with the pop songs.

Bemused drivers continue passing through the intersection at 11pm - ignoring the confusing road signals. While one worker can be seen on a cherry picking carrying out wiring work.

Lee Embalzado, one of the workers involved, said: ''We were carrying out module testing and installing CCTV.

''It was about 90 percent complete and we were setting up the command centre. That's when we decided to 'twerk it' up a little bit. I call it 'disco traffic lights' by DJ Allan.''

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