What the papers say - July 26

Thursday's papers present a mixed bag, with the weather, trade deals and deaths in custody all featuring on the front pages.

The Times leads with US president Donald Trump saying he would work with the European Union to abolish transatlantic tariffs. Other stories featuring on the front include Britain being set for the hottest day on record and the Greece wildfires.

The Daily Telegraph leads with the heatwave and a report from MPs saying that Britain is ill-prepared to deal with unseasonable warmth. Adapting to a warming climate was "a matter of life and death", the report said.

The Guardian carries the latest death in custody figures, with 23 people dying in detention in 2017/18 - the highest in a decade.

The Financial Times runs with shares and forecasts at General Motors and Fiat Chrysler being "dented" by a US-China trade war.

The Metro leads with Theresa May saying people should be "comforted" that Britain is stockpiling in case of problems post-Brexit.

The Independent also carries Mrs May's call for calm, saying people should take "reassurance and comfort" from the plans.

Meanwhile, the i leads with the discovery of water on Mars after a "lake of briny sludge" was found on the red planet.

The Daily Mirror leads on the heatwave, with the Met Office saying Friday could see temperatures topping the UK high of 38.5C (101.3F).

The Sun leads with concerns the heatwave has led to a plague of rats.

And the Daily Mail also mentions the heat, saying parts of the country are braced for "furnace Friday".

Elsewhere, the Daily Express claims that nearly half a million diabetes sufferers are being denied a "life-saving glucose monitor".

And the Daily Star carries a story about a short prisoner making waves on social media.

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