Potential troublemakers banned from travelling to World Cup in Russia

Around a dozen potential troublemakers have been stopped from travelling to the World Cup in Russia, a senior UK police officer has said.

Mark Roberts, National Police Chiefs' Council lead for football policing, said several had been caught attempting to get around restrictions placed on them through football banning orders.

And in contrast to some scenes of disorder in places at home, Mr Roberts praised England fans who had travelled to the tournament, saying they had "done the country proud".

Several fans have received football banning orders for issues in Russia, including three men given bans for their involvement in singing an anti-Semitic song in a video which circulated online.

England players
England fans' behaviour at the tournament has been praised by police (Tim Goode/PA)

But the tournament has been marked more by comradeship and warmth than the frosty reception that many feared.

And with thousands of England fans wanting to join the party in Moscow, Mr Roberts warned UK police would continue to stop those who could cause trouble.

He said: "We've done our bit.

"Obviously people with banning orders have been seen to, we've stopped them travelling.

"We've had people trying to circumnavigate it by getting late passports, but we've found out about that and stopped them travelling.

"There's also a number of people whose background we've identified, they've been stopped from travelling as well.

"If we think people are coming with the intention of causing trouble, there's a very robust ports operation in place.

"Certainly by the early part of this week we had 12 or 13 people going to court in addition to being stopped."

Southgate has confirmed that the #ThreeLions have a fully-fit squad available for tomorrow's #WorldCup semi-final.

Watch the pre-match media conference here: https://t.co/J5YO9vcmHe

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Mr Roberts criticised the scenes of disorder in the UK, where an ambulance and a taxi were trashed and fans celebrated wildly in an Ikea store, and pointed at the travelling support as an example to others.

He said: "We expect people to celebrate and have a drink but I just can't join up the logic of: England win games, so someone vandalises ambulances. It's just stupid.

"What we've seen here is great behaviour - there have been one or two isolated incidents, they've been dealt with here.

"We've taken banning orders out on people back in the UK.

"We don't want any stories about bad behaviour. So far, the fans have done the country proud.

"It's a pleasure to be in the tournament with the team doing so well, progressing, but also the fans being such great ambassadors."

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