Financial adviser could be jailed over £2m owed to ex-wife

A specialist financial adviser could be jailed after his ex-wife complained that he owed her more than £2 million.

Sarah Rogan wants Grant Rogan, founder of the Blenheim Capital Group, to be committed to prison for breaching an agreement made following the breakdown of their 10-year marriage.

Ms Rogan, of Pusey, Oxfordshire, has suggested that Mr Rogan is wilfully refusing to pay the money he owes.

Mr Rogan, 63, who has remarried and lives near Reading, Berkshire, says he cannot currently afford to pay.

A judge analysed preliminary issues in the case at a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London on Thursday.

Sarah Rogan
Sarah Rogan

Mr Justice Holman indicated that decisions would be made after a further hearing later in the year.

He said Mr Rogan had agreed to pay Ms Rogan, who was Mr Rogan's second wife, £5 million in instalments four years ago.

The judge said Mr Rogan had also agreed to hand over £8,000 a month alimony pending the full payment of the £5 million.

He said Mr Rogan owed in total more than £2 million.

One of Ms Rogan's complaints is that Mr Rogan, who married his third wife in March, this year spent around £80,000 on two wedding celebrations when the amounts he owed her were rising.

She said he spent around £30,000 on his English wedding and around £50,000 on a follow-up celebration in Morocco.

Barrister James Ewins QC, who leads Ms Rogan's legal team, outlined wedding celebration spending to Mr Justice Holman.

He produced an itemised list showing that: more than £1,000 had been spent on flights, more than £500 on Jimmy Choo shoes, more than £4,000 on "De Beers diamond", more than £10,000 on "clothing, beauty etc", more than £4,000 on a wedding video, more than £1,700 on wedding flowers, more than £4,600 on a wedding video, nearly £1,500 on a "honeymoon hotel" in Morocco.

"In the very period when he was getting more and more into arrears with the maintenance, he spent a quantity of money on not one but two weddings," said Mr Justice Holman.

"If he did wish to marry her he could have gone down to the registry office, paid the fee, I don't know what it is, probably a few hundred pounds, buy a few drinks, job done."

The judge added: "On the face of it, it is very contumelious. To fail to pay wife number two but to go out and spend large amounts of money on wife number three."

He went on: "The clear inference is that the husband chose to prioritise making considerable expenditure on these two weddings rather than pay the maintenance."

Mr Justice Holman said Mr Rogan, who was born in the United States, should have time to consider the allegations being made against him.

He said the maximum jail term which could be imposed was six weeks and encouraged Ms Rogan and Mr Rogan to try to reach an agreement.

"I have been put through the dry cleaners," Mr Rogan, who represented himself at Thursday's hearing, told the judge.

"It's not an unwillingness to satisfy matters, it's an inability to do so."

He added: "I wouldn't be here if I had the money."

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