Dennis Skinner accuses Speaker John Bercow of having 'favourites'

Firebrand Labour MP Dennis Skinner turned on Speaker John Bercow during a Commons questions session -- accusing him of having "favourites".

Mr Skinner, who has served as MP for Bolsover for 48 years, was visibly enraged after Mr Bercow failed to call him to speak during international trade questions.

The 86-year-old, who is widely known as "the Beast of Bolsover" for his uncompromising style, could be seen shaking his head and pointing at the Speaker as the question session moved on.

Mr Bercow addressed Mr Skinner's concerns, apologising for not spotting him.

He said: "I'm sorry I didn't spot (Mr Skinner), but if he was to shoehorn his question..." - to which Mr Skinner shouted "You look for your favourites."

Mr Bercow responded: "I most certainly don't look for favourites, but I'm always happy to hear him and, if wants to speak now, he can."

Mr Skinner again, from a sedentary position, heckled the Speaker, telling him: "It was on the last question and you know that."

Mr Bercow drew an end to the matter, saying: "He can always shoehorn in his concern on any question and the chair is accommodating of him.

"I hope his mood will improve as the day proceeds."

Mr Skinner was later given the opportunity to speak on another question.