Royal Accounts - in numbers


Here are some of the key figures from the Royal Accounts:

£47.4 million - Taxpayer funds received by the monarchy to pay for official duties and other expenditure.

£329.4 million - Profits of the Crown Estate, a jump of 4% compared with like-for-like results a year earlier.

£4.7 million - Cost of the Queen and the Royal Family's official travel.

£141,263 - Royal Train travel for seven trips by the Prince of Wales, costing more than £20,000 each.

3 - Times the Queen used the Royal Train.

2 - percent fall in energy consumption by the Royal Household.

154 - Official duties carried out by the Queen in the last year.

£2.9 million - the cost of utilities, down from £3.1 million.

10,000 - the number of Royal Collection items to be decanted from the east wing of Buckingham Palace in the next year as it undergoes maintenance.

7% - Decrease in greenhouse gas emissions across the Royal Household.

1.668 - Tonnes of recyclable waste produced by the Royal Househould, up from 1.580 tonnes.

514 - Tonnes of waste sent to landfill, down from 522 tonnes.

528 - Staff (full-time equivalent) employed by the Royal Household.