England fans show excitement in sing-off with Panama supporters


England fans sang and danced into the early hours of the morning in Nizhny Novgorod ahead of the Three Lions World Cup clash with Panama.

Hundreds of supporters from both nations held an impromptu sing-off outside a bar in the city centre under the watchful eye of Russian police.

The English sang "football's coming home" in response to Panama's "ole, ole, ole".

A line of uniformed officers moved in just after midnight to separate the two sets of fans, while a squad in riot gear, which was on standby in a dark alleyway nearby, stood down as fans started to filter away on their own.

The party scenes on Saturday night were in marked contrast to Friday night, when few England fans had arrived in the city and Panama supporters created a carnival atmosphere.

Russia World Cup 2018
Russia World Cup 2018

The pedestrianised street near the city's Kremlin was also packed with Russians enjoying a regular night out and families who came to soak up the World Cup fever.

People also posed for selfies with fans from a host of other nations, including Germany, Iran and Egypt.

The Three Lions kick off against the Central American team at 1pm UK time.