Road-rage nut sends car flying

Dashcam footage shows the horrifying moment a road-rage driver shunts another motorist off a dual carriageway during a high-speed chase.

The pair had apparently had an altercation at a set of traffic lights in Dudley, West Midlands, according to the Mail Online.

The driver of a silver Ford Fiesta then chases the other vehicle, repeatedly shunting it, before sending it spinning off the road, sending the rear bumper flying.

Worst road rage I've ever seen

The victim, who wants to remain anonymous, told the Mail Online: "My car suffered rear damage but I'm not injured.

"I decided to try and lose them but my car was not fast enough and they rammed me. This is the worst road rage I've ever seen."

West Midlands Police said it didn't know where the altercation took place on June 11, so couldn't comment. But the driver's vehicle registration plate was easily identifiable from the footage.

More dreadful driving in our video below.

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