Bloated dachshund swells to three times normal size

We all love a sausage dog whatever their shape (sausage-shaped, usually) or size.

But poor Trevor ended up quite a bit bigger than his usually diminutive dachshund size – three times bigger, in fact – after a punctured windpipe caused him to balloon.

The condition meant that every breath Trevor took made him inflate, as the air escaped into his body.

Poor Trevor trebled in size (Willows Veterinary Group)

Luckily a quick-thinking vet was able to operate to release the air, sending Trevor from super-size to his old, tiny self.

Vet Michelle Coward of Willows Vet Group who carried out the op said she'd never seen a case like Trevor's before.

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She believes an internal injury to the dog's airway or oesophagus may have caused the air to leak into his body.

Owner Fran Jennings, from Lymm, Cheshire, is thrilled to have Trevor back to his usual size

Her daughter Jessica compared the stricken pooch to a "big fat seal" pre-op, adding "his whole body was like a blob and you couldn't tell his face from his neck".

Nicknamed Tricky Trevor on account of his mischievous nature, he's now back to his normal self, chasing chickens. "We wouldn't have him any other way," Jessica says.

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