Bloodhound car to attempt land speed record next year

A British car will attempt to break the land speed record in 2019 following a funding breakthrough.

Bloodhound SSC is being designed to reach 1,000mph in South Africa in October or November next year.

The Bristol-based development team said there is a "very real prospect that our ability to raise funds is about to be transformed" due to discussions with a "major third party".

This has led to a reduction in the delay between high-speed tests and the first record attempt.

Bloodhound will be flown to Northern Cape, South Africa in May 2019 for testing on a dry bed race track at Hakskeen Pan. It will now stay in the country for the record attempt later in the year.

Development of a rocket required to break the record will resume in August, with tests taking place at Newquay Aerohub, scene of the car's 200mph runs in October.

The car has been described as a combination of a fighter jet, a Formula One car and a spaceship, and is driven by ex-RAF fighter pilot Andy Green.

He was the driver of the Thrust SSC team as it set the current record of 763mph in 1997.

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