Cop saves girl, 5, from being dragged under train

This is the heroic moment when a police officer saved a five-year-old girl from being dragged under a moving train.

Video footage shows how the girl was saved at the very last second by Sachin Pol of the Maharashtra Security Force when she slipped under the train in Mumbai, India.

He spotted the girl falling into the gap between the train and the platform and swooped in to drag her back to safety.

The child had been for a day out in Mumbai with her mother and her father, Mohammad Dishaan, on Friday – the family were catching a train back to their home in the suburb of Bhiwandi.

The station's CCTV shows the girl, in a red dress, holding her mother's hand as they run along the platform next to the moving train and try to jump on board.

As her mother gets on board, she loses grip on her daughter's hand and the child falls on the edge of the platform.


When the train speeds up, it appears that the girl will be sucked underneath it.

Mr Pol intervenes at the very last second, running across the platform and grabbing the girl just in time.

The incident happened at Mahalakshmi station in southern Mumbai on Friday evening.

The police officer and the girl only suffered minor grazes in the incident.

The family had been to Mumbai to visit a shrine.

Mr Dishaan said his wife is new to Mumbai and not used to how quickly trains there gain speed before exiting a station.

"I was walking ahead and she was holding our daughter's hand," he said.

"The train was stationary when we went to board it, but then it started moving and picked up speed.

"I will be eternally grateful to the man who saved my daughter's life."

Officials say Mr Pol will receive a reward for his quick-thinking and bravery.

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