The biggest blunders that Brits make on their first day of a new job

The 30 biggest blunders made by employees on their first day at a new job have been revealed – and they make for embarrassing reading.

The mistakes made by new and nervous workers include wearing inappropriate clothes, arriving late and even crashing into a colleague's vehicle in the office car park.

A poll of almost 3,000 workers found that half had made a bad first impression on their opening day.

Some said they spilled tea, were overdressed, got lost on their way there or said something completely inappropriate because of nerves.

Almost all of those surveyed (95%) said it is important to make a good first impression on others when starting a new job.

In addition, 82% said they're more likely to make a positive impact on their first day if they know they've got their clothing right.


The study was commissioned by promotional products company 4imprint, as part of its First Impressions campaign.

A spokesperson for 4imprint said: "Starting a new job can be intimidating for a variety of reasons.

"From not knowing who you'll be working with, not being 100% sure how to get to your new workplace and worries over what to wear can make for a nerve-wracking first day.

"Our study found the importance of what you wear to work can make you feel as comfortable as possible on a first day and help create a great first impression."

Almost three quarters of those surveyed wish they had a uniform for work, in order to avoid embarrassing fashion faux pas.

First-day nightmare scenarios included not having an allocated desk, being late, having a wardrobe malfunction or accidentally sending a group email to every staff member.


1 Learned someone's name then immediately forgotten it

2 Got someone's name wrong

3 Was just too nervous

4 Finding they had no computer / desk to work at

5 Said something stupid due to nerves

6 Arrived at the wrong work address

7 Turned up completely overdressed compared to everyone else

8 Worn shoes that ended up being agonisingly painful by the end of the day

9 Had to have something simple explained numerous times

10 Got there late due to traffic

11 Being told they wasn't the 'first choice candidate'

12 Forgotten the code to get in or out of the office

13 Got there late due to public transport problems

14 Put their foot in their mouth during a conversation with someone

15 Turned up completely underdressed compared to everyone else

16 Been over-friendly

17 Accidentally sent a sensitive email as a 'staff all'

18 Made someone's tea wrong

19 Said something inappropriate to a new colleague

20 Got there late due to other reasons

21 Damaged company property

22 Spilled tea everywhere

23 Took too long on a lunch break

24 Got the company name wrong

25 Went to the wrong address

26 Asked how to turn their computer on

27 Had a wardrobe malfunction like trousers splitting

28 Took a personal call that was frowned upon

29 Worn a tie when nobody else was wearing one

30 Had to leave early due to a family emergency

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