Firefighters slam 'lift surfing' craze after teenager posts video of himself riding on an elevator online

Firefighters have slammed 'lift surfing' after a teenager posted a video of himself taking part in the dangerous craze online.

Lift surfing involves riding on top of lifts, often in skyscrapers in in tall elevator shafts, with thrill-seekers carrying out the stunts early in the morning or late at night to avoid being spotted.

Firefighters have slammed the craze as reckless and irresponsible after a shocking video posted online shows a 17-year-old student travelling up and down a lift shaft just feet from live wires and cables.

The student, known as 'RYEGI', started lift surfing about a year ago and now says he indulges his habit every week, sharing the footage on his Youtube page.

Video – the 17-year-old student posted a video of himself lift surfing online (Picture: SWNS)

He said: "I started doing lift surfing following my hobby of being a lift enthusiast. I have been interested in lifts for many years.

"I do it approximately once a week but the location of where I do it varies depending on where I decide to travel to."

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But a Lancashire Fire and Rescue spokesman said "reckless, dangerous and irresponsible" behaviour like this could lead to injury and even death.

He said: "Exposure to moving machinery and live electrical circuits are the most obvious hazards."

Risk – firefighters say people taking part in lift surfing are risking injury and death (Picture: SWNS)

"Even though the perpetrators who posted the video dodged those hazards on that occasion there is no assurance they would do so again.

"They have wilfully disregarded the possible impact of their actions on others, not least legitimate users of the lift who may become trapped in it when it malfunctions as a result or those who have seen the video and are inclined to 'copycat' what they've done.

"Inevitably, were the worst to happen it would be firefighters who would be called in to the rescue of 'lift surfers' or victims of their illegal activity."

Risks – the teenager says he knows what he's doing (Picture: SWNS)

RYEGI defended himself, saying he knows how to execute the stunt "safely".

He said: "Lift surfing can be very dangerous to those who do not have the knowledge on how to do it safely. However, I know a lot about lifts and all of the dangers involved in lift surfing.

"I feel I am safe on top of a lift because I know how to handle all of the dangers in a safe way.

"I also advise people to not attempt the activities that I do. The many injuries and deaths caused by lift surfing are by people not being safe.

"Lift surfing can be fun, however I also enjoy doing it because I can see all of the lift machinery working."

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