Royal surprise for bride and groom after Nice wedding

A newly married couple had a "lovely surprise" when they met the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall as soon as they left their wedding venue.

Charles and Camilla were visiting the flower market in Nice on the final engagement of their French tour on Wednesday.

Royal visit to France and Greece - Day Three
The Duchess of Cornwall meets newlyweds Kath Martin (centre) and Laurent Meyer (right) and their bridesmaid, Lesley Jones, at the flower market in Nice, France (Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA)

Kath Martin, originally from Glasgow, married Laurent Mayer at 10.20am in Nice Town Hall before making the short walk down to the market.

The couple, who live in the city, unexpectedly bumped into the duchess first and were then asked a couple of questions by the prince.

Royal visit to France and Greece - Day Three
The Prince of Wales chats to the newlywed couple (Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA)

Charles asked the new bride how long she had lived in the city and when and where they had got married.

After the unexpected meeting, Ms Martin described the experience as "a lovely surprise".

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