Tory MP tells Commons Speaker he is happy to 'take a spanking'

Retired British Army colonel Bob Stewart drew laughs in the House of Commons after telling MPs he was happy to "take a spanking".

The Tory MP made the comment after Speaker John Bercow intervened on an exchange between himself and Sir Edward Leigh.

Mr Stewart, speaking in a backbench business debate, was raising the issue of pay for young barristers when fellow Tory Sir Edward intervened to shed more light on the topic.

Mr Stewart said: "I thank my great friend, he's probably a learned friend."

Sir Edward responded: "I'm not learned at all."

To which Mr Bercow said: "It may be that (Sir Edward) is not in the parliamentary sense learned, but I think we can all agree that he is distinguished."

Mr Stewart then added: "Mr Speaker, as ever you put me properly in my box and as ever I take a spanking without any problem."

The comment drew laughs, with Dr Julian Lewis chirping "too much information", before Mr Stewart could conclude: "I think it's one of those debates".

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