Star Wars actor Mark Hamill feels the force of Ed Balls Day with tribute tweet

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill proved an unlikely addition as he joined fans in celebrating Ed Balls Day.

The Luke Skywalker actor, 66, posted his own name on his Twitter feed followed by the hashtag #EdBallsDay hours after Balls himself marked the occasion.

The day is remembered by fans every year following Mr Balls' online mishap that saw him post his own name as a tweet at 4.20pm on April 28 in 2011.

Balls, 51, replied to Hamill with the hashtag: #MayTheBallsBeWithYou. That prompted his wife, MP Yvette Cooper, to joke: "Great, kid. Don't get cocky."

Earlier in the day, Balls posted a photograph of himself standing on the football pitch at Norwich City carrying a bag of balls to commemorate the occasion.

Soap star Danny Mac, who was in the same series of Strictly Come Dancing as Balls in 2016, was also among the people marking the occasion on Twitter.

He tweeted: "I adore that this is still a thing almost as much as the man himself. Happy #EdBallsDay!"

Last year, Balls returned to the supermarket where he inadvertently tweeted his own name as he celebrated the sixth anniversary of the blunder.

He shared a Boomerang video on Twitter that showed him in the Castleford branch of Asda, holding his BlackBerry as he turned to the camera open-mouthed, with the caption: "Ed Balls - Six Years On."

In 2016 he baked a cake depicting the tweet which became an internet sensation.

Balls' Gangnam Style performance on Strictly Come Dancing is still referred to as a highlight from the 2016 series.