Furious drunk woman gets so angry she head-butts a bus shelter during row

This is the hilarious moment a drunk woman got so angry that she head-butted a bus stop.

The clip, recorded in Ramsgate, Kent, late last Thursday night, shows the 42-year-old delivering the brain-crunching blow to the shelter – that was advertising an online opticians.

However, despite seeming like she was angry at an advert, the woman was actually yelling at a couple who were standing behind the shelter after they bumped into her pal.

Her pal, who asked not to be named, could not stop laughing as the vest-wearing woman launched a hilarious verbal assault – before unleashing on the bus stop.

At one point she drops her phone before launching the astonishing attack on the inanimate shelter.

In the clip, she says: "I will eat you alive. I don't care who you are."

The row drew a large crowd, but after she nutted the plastic shelter, the dazed woman could only utter "yeah, what?" before walking away.

Her 23-year-old friend said: "It all started when this girl knocked my phone out of my hand.


"I think it was a complete accident, but her and my mate had a few cross words.

"Then her boyfriend got a bit lippy, so my pal just lost it – she was only trying to look after me."

She added: "She told the poor couple that she was going to eat them, while they were hiding behind the bus stop.

The woman was yelling at a couple that bumped into her pal who were standing behind the shelter (SWNS)

"And then, out of absolutely nowhere, my mate just absolutely nutted the bus stop. t was the funniest thing I have ever seen, but it's not that anything was actually going to happen anyway. It properly knocked the fight out of her."

The incident occurred at the end of a £1-a-drink pub promotion night in the seaside town.

A Kent Police spokesperson said that they had not received any reports about any damage either caused to, or received by, bus stops or any advert.

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