Cyclist hit by a bus in Prestbury saved by his mobile phone

A cyclist knocked off his bike by a bus says he escaped being paralysed - because his PHONE was in his pocket.

James Wilkinson, 39, was flung on to the windscreen of the vehicle and fell off it moments before it ploughed into the side of a house.

Mr Wilkinson and two passengers on the Marchants bus service suffered minor injuries. However, the bus driver is now at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, in a serious but stable condition.

But doctors said the phone in Mr Wilkinson's rear pocket may have prevented him from suffering lower-spine damage and paralysis when it bore the worst of the impact.

The owner of the house in Deep Street, Prestbury, was out at the time.

A spokesperson for the South Western Ambulance Service said they were called just after 6pm on Friday evening and sent rapid response vehicles, the Hazardous Area Response Team, road ambulances and an air ambulance.

Shocking images show the smashed-up front of the bus as a large team of firefighters, police and paramedics descended on the usually-quiet village street.

Neighbours and witnesses described a "screeching sound of tyres or brakes" and seeing the bus leave the road on a bend and plough into the front corner of the house.

A police investigation into the crash is under way.

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