Rochelle Humes celebrates marathon run with 'mac and cheese'

Rochelle Humes said she was celebrating completing the London Marathon with a bath and a plate of macaroni and cheese.

The Saturdays star, 29, said she was "on cloud 9" after making it over the finish line, just a year after she "literally couldn't run half a mile".

She posted pictures from the day on Instagram and told her fans: "Y.O.M.O #YouOnlyMarathonOnce.

"I cannot express the feeling that I felt in these pics. 26.2 miles?!?!?

"After training so hard with my @pmacfitness I feel on top of the world.

"I had my baby girl Valentina last year and signed up for this shortly after, I literally couldn't run half a mile.

"It really goes to show if I can do it, anybody can.

"Thanks so much to everyone in the crowd, supporting and handing out Haribo, you will never believe how much it helps us all. Big shout out to my besties @francescaneill @maxdundas WE DID IT!!!!

"I'm on cloud 9 and so are @teenage_cancerwith all of your generous donations."

She added: "I'm off for a bath and to eat mac and cheese."

Rochelle's husband Marvin Humes shared a picture of her clutching her marathon medal on his own Instagram page, with the words: "Absolute Champion."

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