What the papers say - April 22

A clampdown on social media firms defying age limits and the latest news and views on the Windrush row lead the papers on Sunday.

The Sunday Times leads with a story suggesting MP Charlie Elphicke was not told about an allegation of rape made against him.

Facebook leads the Sunday Telegraph who report ministers are looking at the potential introduction of laws to punish social media companies which allow underage use of their platforms.

The Observer leads with a "race row" over plans to introduce identity checks at polling stations - a move which the paper said could "fuel controversy" over the treatment of migrants in light of the Windrush scandal.

The royal wedding leads the Mail on Sunday, with the paper claiming close relatives of Meghan Markle have not been invited to the nuptials.

The Independent leads with a poll suggesting 41% of people feel they are not being represented by any political party.

The Sunday Mirror claims three councillors who held local government positions in Telford are "convicted child sex abusers".

The Sunday People has a pixellated image of a man which the paper claims could be responsible for the Salisbury nerve agent attack

The Sunday Express also leads on the proposed social media laws - claiming that "time's up" for the so-called web giants.

While the Daily Star Sunday has spoken to the brother of Stephen Lawrence, who says he worries the gang who committed the murder know where he lives.