Spooky 'ghost rider' apparition on horse spotted at UK castle

This is the chilling moment the ghost of a man riding a horse appears to show up in drone footage of a UK castle.

The video shows an aerial view of medieval Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire. It zooms in on a courtyard of the building, and a blur strikingly similar to that of a man riding a horse can be briefly seen.

Even more concerning, according to filmer Tom Arnold, is that he lost contact with his drone during the time the "ghost" was captured. Mr Arnold, 41, was filming the castle with his housemate Mel King on April 12.

He said the drone stopped responding to his commands, so he issued a re-call command and brought it back to the ground.

"When I watched it I said 'oh my god, what's that'. I started zooming and rewinding the footage and there was definitely something there," he said.

'I think this is really unusual'

"I pressed the 'return to home' key, waited for the drone to land safely, but it wasn't until I got home that I noticed what I would describe as an apparition going through the courtyard.

"I have looked online and I can't find any recent HD footage of a ghost in daylight, so I think this is really unusual."

The drone outing was only the second for Mr Arnold, who is a TV production IT specialist in Gloucestershire.

"I checked the flight information and I can't find an explanation for it," he said.

This is not his first run-in with what he believes to be a ghost. He added: "When I was seven or eight, me and my grandfather stopped to talk to the local publican, Mrs Bramble, and I remember sitting on a bench talking to her.

Oldest continually inhabited castle

"We got home and my grandma asked what had kept us, and when we told her we had been talking to Mrs Bramble she told us she'd died the night before."

Berkeley Castle, the oldest continually inhabited castle in the UK, is not unknown to ghost-hunters. It is most infamous for being the site of the brutal murder of Edward II in September 1327.

Regulars to the castle say his screams can still be heard throughout the grounds on the anniversary of his death.

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