April 16 'mortgage freedom day' for home owners

Monday April 16 has been identified as "mortgage freedom day" - the date when home owners can typically expect to have earned enough in their take-home pay so far this year to cover their annual mortgage costs.

The calculation was made by Halifax, whose research is based on average mortgage payments for a new borrower who has a 30% deposit.

It said the average annual mortgage repayment cost for a home owner would be £8,039 and they would have an average net annual income of £27,724.

With house prices and wages varying across the UK, some areas can expect mortgage freedom day to fall earlier than others.

It was on March 10 for home owners in Northern Ireland - while for those in England it falls two months later - on May 9.

Mortgage freedom day in London does not fall until June 13 - and in Brent in north London it falls on August 11.

In Copeland in north west England, mortgage freedom day was on February 24.

Andy Bickers, mortgages director at Halifax, said: "The north-south divide remains when it comes to mortgage freedom day."

Here is how mortgage freedom day in 2018 varies across the UK, according to Halifax:
- Northern Ireland, March 10
- Scotland, March 15
- Wales, April 1
- England, May 9
- North East England, March 17
- Yorkshire and the Humber, March 25
- North West, March 26
- East Midlands, April 9
- West Midlands, April 16
- East Anglia, April 14
- South West England, May 4
- South East England, May 27
- London, June 13

Here are the 10 local authority areas with the earliest mortgage freedom days in 2018, according to Halifax:
1. Copeland, North West, February 24
=2. Inverclyde, Scotland, February 27
=2. North Ayrshire, Scotland, February 27
=4. West Dunbartonshire, Scotland March 1
=4. Renfrewshire, Scotland, March 1
=6. East Ayrshire, Scotland, March 2
=6. Pendle, North West, March 2
=6. Burnley, North West, March 2
=6. Hyndburn, North West, March 2
10. Barrow-in-Furness, North West, March 3

And here are the 10 local authority areas with the latest mortgage freedom days in 2018, according to Halifax:
1. Brent, London, August 11
2. Haringey, London, August 9
3. Harrow, London, July 30
=4. Elmbridge, South East, July 25
=4. Hillingdon, London, July 25
6. Ealing, London, July 23
7. Islington, London, July 21
=8. Barnet, London, July 20
=8. Hackney, London, July 20
10. Chichester, South East, July 17

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