The five men accused of killing Stephen Lawrence - where are they now?

Five men have consistently been accused of killing Stephen Lawrence, although only two have ever been convicted. Where are they now?

Neil Acourt court case
Neil Acourt court case

- Neil Acourt, 42, who uses his mother's maiden name Stuart, is currently in prison for drug dealing after he was jailed for more than six years at Kingston Crown Court in February 2017.
He was one of three of the alleged attackers to face a private prosecution for murder brought by Stephen's parents in 1996, but the case collapsed.
Acourt, of Blanmerle Road, Eltham, south east London, was previously jailed along with co-accused David Norris for 18 months in 2002 over a racist attack on an off-duty black police officer.
Norris threw a drink and shouted "n*****", while Acourt drove the car they were in at Detective Constable Gareth Reid.

British criminals in Spain
British criminals in Spain

- Jamie Acourt, 41, of The Drive, Bexley, and Neil's brother, is thought to be on the run in Spain hiding from police over allegations that he was involved in a £4 million cannabis ring.
He was the subject of a most wanted campaign in 2016 trying to find fugitives thought to have fled to the sun-soaked country.

Luke Knight at Old Bailey
Luke Knight at Old Bailey

- Luke Knight is the only one of the five publicly accused attackers who remains free in Britain.
He was part of the failed private prosecution along with Neil Acourt and Gary Dobson.
In a Daily Mail piece from February 2017, he was described as still living around two miles from where Stephen was killed in south east London, working as a roofer and labourer.

David Norris prison attack
David Norris prison attack

- David Norris was jailed for a minimum 14 years and three months for murder in January 2012 at the end of an Old Bailey trial that hinged on tiny traces of forensic evidence.
The son of once-notorious gangster Clifford Norris, he was living in a gated home in affluent Chislehurst when Stephen was murdered, but by the time of his arrest in 2010 had been reduced to storing his belongings in a van while living in a bedsit.
There are long-standing claims that Norris's father knew officers involved in the original murder investigation and that he used his influence to protect the suspects and sent thugs to silence informants.
David Norris had previously been linked to two other stabbings.
The month before Stephen died, he was accused of stabbing Stacey Benefield in the chest in Eltham High Street.
Mr Benefield survived the attack and claimed he was offered £2,000 by someone believed to be Clifford Norris to withdraw support for the charges against his son.
David Norris was later acquitted by a jury.
He was also accused of a knife attack on Darren Witham in 1992, but the charges were dropped the following year.
Since his murder conviction, Norris has unsuccessfully attempted to appeal.
In July 2017 it was reported that he had launched a legal battle for compensation after being beaten up at Belmarsh prison. The Prison Service disputed the claim.

Dobson drops Lawrence murder appeal
Dobson drops Lawrence murder appeal

- Gary Dobson was jailed for at least 15 years and two months for murder after facing trial alongside Norris.
He was acquitted of the killing in 1996, but the Court of Appeal allowed this verdict to be quashed in 2011 so that he could be tried in a criminal court alongside Norris.
He was already in prison at that stage, having been jailed for five years in July 2010 for supplying a class B drug and possessing a class B drug with intent to supply.