Israeli Labor party cuts ties with Jeremy Corbyn in row over anti-Semitism

Israel's Labor party has suspended relations with Jeremy Corbyn in the row over anti-Semitism.

In a letter to the Labour leader, chairman Avi Gabbay said it was his responsibility to acknowledge the "hostility" Mr Corbyn had shown to the Jewish community.

However, Mr Corbyn insisted the Israeli party should have done him the "courtesy" of speaking to him about the issue first.

The two parties have long-standing ties and Mr Gabbay pointed to "warm relations" with Labour former prime ministers Harold Wilson, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

He added: "It is my responsibility to acknowledge the hostility that you have shown to the Jewish community and the anti-Semitic statements and actions you have allowed as leader of the Labour Party UK.

"This is in addition to your very public hatred of the politics of the Government of the State of Israel, many of which regard the security of our citizens and actions of our soldiers - policies where the opposition and coalition in Israel are aligned."

It comes after a tumultuous few weeks where Labour has faced recriminations about how anti-Semitism has been tackled within the party as well as a protest outside Parliament led by Jewish leaders who accused Mr Corbyn of repeatedly siding with anti-Semites.

During a visit in north London, Mr Corbyn said the Israeli party should read Baroness Chakrabarti's report into tackling racism and anti-Semitism.

He told reporters: "I wish they would read Shami Chakrabarti's report. I wish they would understand that we are utterly determined in every way to drive out anti-Semitism from our society. And, where it exists in any party, to drive it out, including my own.

"I would be very happy to have that discussion with them. I think they should have done me the courtesy of asking me first."

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