Schoolboy stuck in stone monument at National Trust site for three hours

A schoolboy had to be rescued by firefighters after spending almost three hours stuck in a stone monument at a National Trust property.

Max Morgan's leg became trapped during an Easter holiday outing with his family at Wightwick Manor near Wolverhampton on Tuesday.

The seven-year-old had climbed inside the monument and eventually got stuck - prompting his parents to call the emergency services.

Fire crews arrived at around 3.30pm but a specialist team were called to help due to the complexity of the operation.

Firefighters eventually freed the youngster after he had been trapped for almost three hours (West Midlands Fire Service/PA)

The youngster was finally freed after firefighters used an abrasive wheel to cut the stone in half.

He was checked over by paramedics and taken to hospital but was found to have only suffered bruising to his leg.

Morgan Bruising
Max was checked over by paramedics and taken to hospital but only suffered bruising to his leg (West Midlands Fire Service/PA)

George Morgan, Max's father, told the BBC: "We are National Trust members and I've got pictures of Max from when he was two or three in the same hole but I think he has grown a bit more in the last few months.

"We just want to say a big thank you to the firefighters, NHS workers and paramedics who helped him."

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