Transgender soldier marries her transgender partner

Newlywed transgender Army officer Hannah Winterbourne and her husband are hoping to start a family.

Captain Winterbourne, 31, of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, married Jake Graf, 40, who has also undergone gender reassignment having been born a woman, in London last week.

It turned out that Capt Winterbourne's first date in a transgender relationship was with the person who would be her future husband.

Mr Graf, a writer, director and actor who also describes himself as a trans advocate, jokingly told ITV's Good Morning Britain programme: "It is great because she has no point of reference whatsoever."

He added: "Hannah is amazing with children and we look after my niece and nephew quite a lot.

"For us, kids is a definite whether that be surrogacy or adoption or however we do it - we most certainly want a family at some point and hopefully soon."

Capt Winterbourne joined the Army as a man but made the decision to begin transitioning into a woman five years ago during a tour of Afghanistan.

She told Good Morning Britain: "I was really nervous about putting myself out there on the dating scene.

"Dating someone who is also transgender just meant that I did not have those awkward conversations, not just with Jake but with his wider family and friends.

"They were an educated group of people who knew what it meant to be transgender and that took a lot of pressure off."