What the papers say - March 25

Allegations of foul play by Brexit campaigners, plans to boost NHS spending and the latest on the Cambridge Analytica row feature on the front pages.

The official Vote Leave campaign may have flouted referendum spending rules during the Brexit referendum campaign and then attempted to destroy evidence, whistleblower Shahmir Sanni has told The Observer.

Meanwhile Mr Sanni is said to have been outed as gay by a long-serving aide to Theresa May, the Mail on Sunday reports, after he and the adviser had a relationship.

Mrs May plans to increase spending on the NHS by billions of pounds after Brexit, the Sunday Times says, as part of a "birthday present" to mark the service's 70th anniversary.

And the Daily Express reports on plans to train 3,000 extra midwives and maternity support staff over four years.

A European regulator warned Facebook over risks to users' data two years before information on 50 million profiles was passed to Cambridge Analytica, the Sunday Telegraph reports.

Meanwhile the Scottish Mail on Sunday says the SNP paid Facebook £100,000 to target Conservative and Labour voters.

Plans to change building material fire tests will put lives at risk, a cross-party group of 50 MPs said in a letter warning about failing to learn lessons from the Grenfell Tower tragedy, The Independent reports.

Road-rage killer Kenneth Noye has been moved to an open jail 30 miles from the home of his victim's father, the Sunday People reports.

The Sunday Mirror says filming for a television drama about Milly Dowler killer Levi Bellfield where the schoolgirl vanished from on the anniversary of her murder has provoked fury.

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