Parsons Green victim: My head was on fire... this man picked me up and held me

A Good Samaritan carried a burning woman to safety after the Parsons Green bombing, a court heard.

Ann Stuart told the Old Bailey how her head was on fire in the wake of the blast last September.

Her hands, face and mouth were left "scalded", her hair singed and eyes needed to be washed out.

Ms Stuart had been reading papers as she made her way to work from Sutton, south London.

She said: "What I saw was this flash and whoosh that came up from my side.

"I feel my reactions were very slow.

"I stood up, swore and realised that my head was on fire. My hands were hot. I took a couple of steps forward. There was a lady on the floor and people were rushing.

"I just grabbed my bag."

Prosecutor Alison Morgan asked: "Were you still in flames at that point?"

Ms Stuart said: "Yes. My hair was smoking. I patted myself out and got off the train and this man picked me up and held me.

"I just said to him 'get me off this platform'. He shouted to everybody to get out of the way and they just parted. I heard someone say 'oh my God'.

Ms Stuart was treated at the scene then went to St Thomas's Hospital.

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