Jurors in Parsons Green bomb trial see video of Tube train fireball horror

The horrifying moment when a fireball ripped through a Tube train has been shown to jurors.

Some 93 commuters ducked for cover and scrambled to get off the District Line train at Parsons Green in south-west London after flames suddenly burst from a bucket which had been left behind by teenager Ahmed Hassan.

CCTV footage showed a mass of people dashing for the stairs at the far end of the eastbound platform following the explosion in the penultimate carriage.

Moments earlier, men and women had been packed into the Edgware Road-bound train, sipping cups of takeaway coffee on their daily journey to work.

Ahmed Hassan court case
Ahmed Hassan court case

Hassan used his prize for being "student of the year" to buy the key chemical to make his bomb on Amazon, the Old Bailey has heard.

The Iraqi asylum seeker, who had told immigration authorities that Islamic State trained him to kill, assembled the device containing 400g of explosives while his foster parents in Sunbury-on-Thames in Surrey were on holiday in Blackpool.

He allegedly packed it with shrapnel to cause maximum carnage, buying the metal items from Asda and Aldi in Feltham the day before.

Jurors have heard he timed it to go off at Parsons Green station during the morning rush-hour on September 15 last year while he fled to Dover in Kent.

Many of those caught in the bombing suffered burns or were crushed in the stampede to get out, the court has heard.

Ahmed Hassan court case
Ahmed Hassan court case

Prosecutor Alison Morgan has said experts concluded it was simply "luck" that the bomb did not fully detonate.

Jurors were shown CCTV footage from the day before of Hassan walking around Asda with a shopping basket before leaving via the self-service tills and going on to Aldi on his bicycle.

His receipt from Asda showed he bought matches, batteries and a screwdriver bit set.

Detective Constable Andrew Leonard said the battery could be used for an electronic timer for the bomb.

The court was shown CCTV footage tracking Hassan's route to the District Line, where he left the bomb on the floor of the train.

CCTV also showed him leaving his home in Sunbury by the back garden at 6.57am.

Jurors saw him walking to the station carrying a large Lidl bag which contained the bomb.

DC Leonard told jurors that Hassan did not put his hand inside the bag at any point.

Ahmed Hassan court case
Ahmed Hassan court case

More video footage showed Hassan getting on to a train at Sunbury to Wimbledon.

Hassan spent 13 minutes in the concourse toilets, allegedly setting the timer on the bomb from 7.57am, before he boarded a District Line train towards Parsons Green.

The defendant sat in the dock with his head bowed as the jurors intently watched the footage, which concluded with a massive blast of fire and commuters desperate to escape, with some helping others to safety.

The court heard that a nearby Cote Brasserie was used as a makeshift emergency centre to treat the injured.

Hassan, wearing a purple hat and grey jumper, had got off at Putney Bridge empty-handed, one stop from Parsons Green.

Hassan denies attempted murder and using the chemical compound TATP to cause an explosion that was likely to endanger life on September 15 last year.