Plight of refugees explored through their clothing in cathedral artwork

Artwork created using the clothing of refugees and suspended in mid-air has been placed in a cathedral to highlight their suffering.

Suspended by Arabella Dorman is a collection of hundreds of items of refugee clothing found mainly on beaches on the Greek island of Lesbos and garments left behind in the camps of Calais.

The illuminated artwork hangs from the nave of Canterbury Cathedral and appears to hover around three metres from the ground.

Suspended by Arabella Dorman
Suspended by Arabella Dorman

The work was unveiled on Thursday and is on display until May 16, a cathedral spokeswoman said.

First shown in December at St James's Church in London, Ms Dorman's work attracted international attention.

She said: "My interest lies in the men, women and children behind the headlines, the individual stories behind the politics. I attempt to illuminate and to reveal the human face of conflict, and to find light in the darkest corners of existence."

The cathedral's Canon Treasurer, the Reverend Nick Papadopulos, said: "In Lent Christians remember the days when Jesus was driven into the wilderness; in Holy Week we remember his suffering at the hands of imperial power.

"Arabella Dorman's Suspended is a powerful call to us to remember - and pray for - those driven from their homes and those who suffer at the hands of power today."