Saturday's jackpot to reach £5 million after no one wins mid-week Lotto draw


One lucky punter could scoop a £5.2 million jackpot on Saturday after no one won the mid-week draw.

No one picked the winning numbers of 53, 35, 25, 29, 30 and 14, and no one chose five of the numbers or the bonus ball of 38.

Some 25 ticket holders won £1,840 by picking five winning numbers and 2,151 people pocketed £137 by picking four numbers.

There was a £25 prize for 59,830 for players who matched three of the six winning numbers, while 607,203 can look forward to a free Lotto Lucky Dip entry after picking two.

A £1 million prize was won by the ticket with the Millionaire Raffle code TEAL 7501 2587, while 20 tickets each won £20,000 in the raffle draw.

Draw machine Merlin and set of balls four were used.

No one won the £350,000 top prize in the Lotto HotPicks draw which uses the same numbers, but one lucky player won £13,000 by matching four out of five.

Nobody won the top prize in the Thunderball draw where the numbers were 37, 13, 11, 31, 16 and the Thunderball was 11.