Liam Fox issues trade tarriff warning to Brussels

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has warned EU leaders that imposing new tariff barriers with the UK after Brexit will simply make their own economies less competitive.

Addressing the EEF manufacturers' organisation in London, Dr Fox said the Government was committed to protecting the interests of British exporters in the ongoing Brexit negotiations with Brussels.

He said that any attempt by the remaining 27 member states to create new barriers to trade would rebound against them.

"This Government opposes erecting barriers to trade where none yet exists, or disrupting the commercial relationships that exist between this country and our continental partners," he said.

"If Europe erects barriers to trade and investment that do not exist today, it will make Europe less competitive in a global context and less attractive to international investors."

Dr Fox said the Government's Brexit legislation would enable Britain to continue the EU's trade arrangements with third countries, protecting UK exporters' access to overseas markets.

"It will also give us the tools we need to fight back against any unfair subsidies or dumping from abroad," he said.

"We want to protect the interests of British manufacturers. We want to maintain your access to markets across Europe and beyond."

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