British couple to launch legal action over Tenerife nightclub injuries

A British couple are to launch legal action against a Tenerife nightclub where they were injured when a dance floor collapsed.

Brian Young, 58, and Kevin Dilworth, 59, of Gateshead, were sitting on the edge of a dance floor when it crumbled into the basement below, injuring more than 20 people in November 2017.

The couple, who were on holiday when they visited the Butterfly Disco Pub in Playa de las Americas, are to launch a legal action against the nightclub for personal injury caused during the collapse, according to their lawyers Slater and Gordon.

Mr Dilworth shattered his ankle and suffered from depression, while Mr Young suffered ligament damage, according to the lawyers.

Mike Hagan, a specialist travel lawyer from Slater and Gordon, said: "The collapse of the dance floor has not only left the physical injuries that are yet to heal, but also the mental scars that may never leave them.

"It is crucial that public places such as nightclubs regularly have their structure checked to ensure this never happens again."