Man fails in bid to have estranged wife jailed after complaining of 'vendetta'

A businessman has failed in a bid to have his estranged wife jailed after complaining that she had a "vendetta" against him.

Mohamed Achour and Iman Achour, who are both from Lebanon but live in wealthy areas of London, are embroiled in a dispute over the care of their children.

Mr Achour, who lives in Marylebone, complained that Mrs Achour, who lives in Chelsea, was in contempt of court because she had breached an order made by a family court judge and an undertaking given in a family court.

He said she had harassed him and tried to undermine his efforts to gain British naturalisation.

But a High Court judge on Monday dismissed Mr Achour's bid after Mrs Achour denied allegations made against her.

Mr Justice Keehan, who analysed the case at a public trial in the Family Division of the High Court in London, said evidence did not substantiate the allegations made against Mrs Achour.

He ordered Mr Achour to pay the £15,000 Mrs Achour had spent on lawyers defending the allegations.

"There is to say the least a great deal of bitterness between them," said the judge.

"They have both from time to time made criticisms of each other and allegations against each other."