Crown green bowls clubs face tougher rules after rise in alcohol trouble

A crown green bowls association has implemented tougher rules after a rise in alcohol-related trouble at matches.

Clubs across Shropshire face stricter sanctions to curb a sharp increase in incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Shropshire Crown Green Bowls Association has sent every club a new code of conduct which addresses the subject.

The outgoing county president Mike Caddick told the Press Association that players can now be fined, suspended or banned if the new rules regarding drunken behaviour are not followed.

The tougher guidelines received overwhelming approval at the association's AGM at Bagley BC in Shrewsbury.

Mr Caddick said: "It started to creep in a bit last year, mostly among spectators. They were being over-enthusiastic mainly as a result of alcohol.

"When it starts to get a bit too noisy and a bit too personal with the bad language then it spoils everybody's enjoyment.

"The general opinion is that it is not wanted in bowls, it is not what bowls is about."

Mr Caddick said one player had already been banned from playing and watching matches due to anti-social behaviour.

He added: "He turned up several times and disrupted proceedings. It wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been.

"Hopefully the action taken by the county will be sufficient to deter future incidents."

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