Many people found January a tough financial struggle, research suggests

Six in 10 (60%) adults say their finances are out of shape after the spending sprees of Christmas and January, a survey has found.

Nearly a third (31%) of 2,000 people across the UK said they have already resolved to spend less during 2018, Nationwide Building Society found.

Common areas where people expect to reduce their spending include lunches, takeaways and nights out, the research found.

One in six (17%) aim to save by switching to cheaper supermarkets.

To keep a tighter rein on their spending, 24% will use banking apps more often and 15% plan to withdraw money in physical cash each week to limit their spending.

John Hutton, Nationwide's director of payments, said: "The January payday marks a low tidemark for many people's finances but the good news is that for most it should be progressively easier to get your current account in good shape as the year rolls on."

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