What the papers say - January 27

Saturday serves up a mix of stories on the newspaper front pages - from the latest on Brexit to a review by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

The Times reports that every rape and serious sexual assault case in England and Wales will be reviewed by the CPS following the collapse of several trials over failures to disclose evidence.

The move was announced by director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders, the paper says, in an attempt to "shore up public confidence" in the justice system.

The Guardian leads on a poll, conducted by the ICM in conjunction with the paper, which it says suggests voters support the idea of a second EU referendum.

The paper reports that 47% of people surveyed would favour having a final say on Brexit once the terms of the UK's departure are known.

Brexit is also the focus of the front of the Daily Telegraph, which reports that British officials are in talks with Brussels about extending the Brexit transition period to almost three years.

The paper says it understands that Britain has "discreetly" begun sounding out senior EU figures over the possibility.

The UK has "defied the Brexit doom-mongers", the Daily Express reports, saying the country's "booming" economy has exceeded expectations.

Meanwhile, the i claims Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson is "plotting to become PM", and "positioning himself" for a Tory leadership bid if Theresa May is ousted.

And the Financial Times reports that a "golden era" in bilateral ties between China and the UK has been "thrown into jeopardy" amid disagreements over China's investment drive, according to government officials.

Elsewhere, the Daily Mail leads on a health story, reporting that three in four health trusts are imposing "rationing rules" in which patients are denied hip and knee replacement surgery if they are not in "enough" pain.

The Daily Mirror carries the tragic news of the death of singer Paul Young's wife, who died at the age of 52 following a battle with brain cancer.

And the Sun reports on a series of "PC killjoys", including darts bosses who have axed walk-on girls and theatre bosses who have banned a production of Are You Being Served? in Hull for being "demeaning to women", carrying the headline: "Flake Britain".