Protesters take to Downing Street to voice sexual harassment concerns

Protesters supporting the #TimesUp campaign to end sexual harassment have taken part in a demonstration outside Downing Street.

Hundreds of people carrying signs chanted "Time's up" after hearing speeches from figures including the great-granddaughter of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.

Heavy rain did not deter campaigners, some of whom wore pink "pussy hats" like those worn by women at protests at the start of Donald Trump's presidency in the US.

"It's this generation's responsibility to push for change," said social campaigner Dr Helen Pankhurst.

"It feels so powerful that it's one issue after another, one statement is built on by another, another woman speaks out, another man is made accountable for his actions.

"I truly hope I'll see equality in my lifetime."

Women were joined by men and children to speak out on issues ranging from domestic violence to climate change.

"I think we are taking it for granted that women are abused," said Amna Abdullatif, a campaigner who spoke at the event.

"We need to be talking about it and educating our boys and girls on how to be safer and how to stop it."

Campaigners held signs with slogans such as "Women's rights = human rights" and "Keep crude oil in the ground and crude men out of office".

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